Matt Lauer Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about Matt Lauer Net Worth—estimated at $80 million—and how the former Today Show host accumulated his wealth over 25 years at NBC. Details on Lauer’s salary, assets, divorce settlement, and more.

Hey there! If you’re curious about the personal finances of former NBC Today show host Matt Lauer, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to break down Matt Lauer’s net worth and how he accumulated his wealth over his decades-long career.

A Quick Background on Matt Lauer

In case you don’t understand much approximately him, Matt Lauer is an American journalist and TV host, fine recognized for co-website hosting NBC’s morning display Today from 1997 to 2017. He turned into a fixture at the popular morning show for over 20 years.

Matt Lauer’s Salary and Career on The Today Show

The bulk of Matt Lauer’s net worth comes from his long tenure at The Today Show. He started at the show in 1992 as a news reader, eventually working his way up to co-anchor by 1997.

At his top, Lauer had a suggested income of $25 million in keeping with the year from NBC. Not too shabby! He signed a -year agreement extension in 2016 that would have kept him on The Today Show into 2018.

However, in November 2017, Lauer was abruptly fired by NBC after allegations of sexual misconduct. His time on morning TV came to an end after 25 years. Read more about Jensen Ackles’s height.

Matt Lauer’s Other Income Sources

In addition to his massive Today Show salary, Lauer earned millions from other jobs at NBC. He hosted the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, co-hosted the opening ceremonies of several Olympics, anchored multiple Dateline NBC specials, and hosted the short-lived talk show Matt Lauer Live.

Lauer also had lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorships with major brands like Land Rover and Prevacid. At one point, he was reportedly making $12 million per year from additional deals on top of his NBC contract.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

Matt Lauer’s Real Estate and Assets

With all that successful career income, Lauer could afford some pretty spectacular real estate and toys. He primarily lived on his $36.5 million estate called Horseshoe Creek Farm in the Hamptons.

Lauer additionally owns numerous multi-million dollar residences in New York City, consisting of a $7.35 million rental in Manhattan.

Other assets he acquired over the years include a seaplane, helicopter, luxury car collection, and a yacht reportedly worth $15 million.

Matt Lauer’s Divorce Settlement

After his firing from NBC, Lauer went through a divorce from his wife Annette Roque, whom he married in 1998.

In the divorce agreement finalized in 2019, Lauer had to pay Roque a reported $20 million coin payout as a part of their separation agreement.

Matt Lauer Net Worth Estimates

So what’s Matt Lauer net worth after his long career, real estate portfolio, and divorce settlement?

According to most estimates, Matt Lauer has a current net worth of approximately $80 million. His net worth was likely even higher prior to his firing from NBC and costly divorce settlement.

Despite his substantial wealth, Lauer’s public image and career prospects have certainly taken a hit following the misconduct allegations against him. For now, he’s keeping a low profile while likely living off his savings and investments.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

FAQs About Matt Lauer Net Worth

What was Matt Lauer’s peak salary at NBC? 

Up to $25 million per year hosting The Today Show.

What were Matt Lauer’s main sources of income? 

His Today Show salary, endorsement deals, NBC specials, real estate, and investments.

How much could Matt Lauer earn from endorsements? 

Reportedly up to $12 million per year from sponsorships at his peak.

How much did Matt Lauer’s divorce settlement cost him? 

Approximately $20 million in cash was paid to ex-wife Annette Roque.

What is Matt Lauer’s current net worth? 

Estimated at $80 million as of 2023.